Simon Geeks Minecraft

“Minecraft is a block game where every thing is square, everything. But the heart of the game is building, surviving, and achieving, and monsters. Yes, I said monsters. There are a lot of monsters: the creeper, zombie, skeleton, witch, slime, etc.”

-Simon H.


Srihari Geeks Reading

“I really love to read! I read whenever I can. Reading is a hobby for me.”

-Srihari H.

Lynette Geeks Meditation

“My passion or ‘geeking’ meditation stems from assisting others achieve calm and inner peace in this world we share. I was first introduced to meditation (mindful meditation) when diagnosed with blood pressure issues and found when facilitating workshops for chronic pain recipients that the benefits were endless even for those with mental challengers. Joy, happiness, beauty of life, and calm!”

-Lynette M.
Meditation Facilitator and Life Coach

Janiah Geeks Sharks

“I like sharks because they’re pretty cool. There are all kinds to learn about. My favorite shark is the Great White Shark.”


Michael Geeks Men’s Fashion

“I geek men’s fashion because I like to look good. Everything from expensive shoes to expensive slacks. Whatever it takes to express myself through my clothes.”

Construction Worker

JoAnn Geeks Ryan S.

“Ryan is a junior at Stoney Creek H.S., he is courteous, and a good sport, and an excellent student, he plays varsity football, works part-time, and trains for Olympic weightlifting! His Grandfather and I GEEK Ryan!”

-JoAnn B.
Library Page

Lois Geeks African Violets

“There are many species of African Violets and they are all shades of blue. Modern African Violets are hybrids. African Violet’s home in East Africa in the Tanzanian mountains.”

-Lois R.